loft conversion wideopen

Mr. and Mrs. McGeary got in contact with us at The Luxury Loft Company as they wanted an extra living space for the family to whole enjoy. They wanted this to be a dining, living and play area for the kids as well. They also wanted a bedroom in there with an en suite for an extra room with a sofa bed in so that if someone wanted to stay over they would be able to. Mr. and Mrs. McGeary knew exactly what they wanted so that’s exactly what we at The Luxury Loft Company did for them. The spec on this was fairly high to the sense that they wanted a big aluminum lantern put in the roof which was the modern approach that Mr. and Mrs. McGeary wanted to go for as they also wanted a big set of sliding doors which were centred patio doors with a fixed unit on each side to create 4 large windows, the centre of these doors open outwards which gives it an aesthetically pleasing look. Mr. and Mrs. McGeary went for the andesite grey colour option, this conversion also included a floor to ceiling window in the bedroom which is also andesite grey; because of this we also changed the existing kitchen window to match.

Externally there was a very large rubber roof about 114 to 115 square meters with a stratus type sky lantern in it, this lantern is extremely new looking and modern with a very streamlined look to it which meant it fit into the whole modern theme perfectly. Externally this also had a weba rendering system in the colour of chalk which coordinates perfectly with the andesite grey windows. We placed LED spot lights in the soffit for a subtle and soft lighting of an evening which looks phenomenal shining down the walls. If we were to take a walk around the whole extension round the back it almost looks as though something that you would see in Spain, we took some pictures of it and it’s fair to say that they did the job justice however it looks even greater in person. Both Mr. and Mrs. McGeary were over the moon with the new build on their house and over the moon with both the inside and outside of it. We also put down laminate flooring for them, we gave them a few extras as well in the sense of that we placed TV’s on walls for them with HDMI cables being fed down the wall to the under side so that they were able to plug in specific things such as Sky boxes and DVD’s.

We also created a full new utility room all fitted out with units meaning that it was very organized and very clutter free. We also fitted the garage with a new door, this was an electric roller shutter door on the front which was a lot more ergonomic than the garage door that was previously on. All in total Mr. and Mrs. McGeary were very pleased with the end result of everything.