We do things differently

The way we do things at The Luxury Loft Company is a little different from the norm. You might expect that in order to convert your loft, there will be major disruption to your house. With tools and material being carried through your home, up your stairs and then carried up through your loft hatch.

Even with just a handful of workmen the sheer volume of material needed, from additional beams, boarding, and fittings through to all of the tools and equipment. Plus the number of times people would be going up and down your stairs and through your home, the potential to dirty your carpets, or even worse, damage some paintwork or wallpaper, is very high. The most careful of people, with the best intent in the world, would still struggle to not cause some element of damage, no matter how minor. On top of this you have the inconvenience of this team of ‘strange’ people, wandering through your home time and time again.

Where your average loft conversion company just do it this way, as they see no alternative. We figured a long time ago, that there has to be a better way.

But how do we actually do it?

The first thing we do is to erect scaffolding at your property. We then make a hole in the roof, where one of your new windows is going to be, or an integral part of the extension is going. In the case of a window hole being made, we will then fit the new window, make it all water tight and then use that window as the point of entrance for everything we need to do regarding your loft conversion. There are various different types of loft conversions, depending on your property but all of them can be accomplished in this way, minimising any disruption to you, you family and your home.

This way, all materials and tools are carried up the scaffolding and through the new entry point into your loft space. This means that we can complete 80% of the conversion without ever having to set foot inside your home.

Once we are ready to remove the old loft hatch and make a space for the new staircase, we will come into your house. At this point we will completely cover the underneath of the existing loft hatch, or the area where the new loft access is going to be, with industrial sheeting. Making almost like a large sealed bag underneath the hatch, in preparation to catch the debris. We then cut through the ceiling, making your new entrance point into your loft, where the staircase will be.

Next we clean and seal the edges of the new loft hatch and prepare to begin fitting the new staircase. The sheeting underneath will catch all of this as we work, meaning we can then quickly close up the ‘bag’, seal it all up and carry 99% of the mess out in one go.

From this point we will need to be in your home as we build the stairs up to your new loft and put any finishing touches to the whole project. We have a number of completed conversions, shown here on our projects page.

Using this method, we have been told time and time again, how pleasantly surprised customers are with the lack of mess and inconvenience caused to them and their families.

Check out some of our testimonials here, to see what people say about us.

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