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A lot of our customers thoughts that they needed a large loft in order to convert it into useable space. This is often not the case with nearly 90% of your everyday lofts being able to be converted into functional living space and add value to your property.

In a lot of cases, planning permission is not necessarily a requirement. The kind of conversion you have done to your loft will decide whether or not planning permission is needed or not. Contact us today and we can help you quickly establish if you’ll need planning permission and if you do, the best way to go about sorting everything out.

Typically, a terraced house with a full length to the rear of the property will take 4-5 weeks to complete, but as with everything it all depends on the specification, size and design of the conversion. These timings are an accurate guideline, from our years of experience in doing quality, luxury loft conversions. 

There is no standard answer for this as each loft is very different in terms of size, shape, specifications and what the client wants. What we can do is offer a completely free, no obligation quote. Contact us now to arrange yours.

Not one bit, we do everything from the outside. There will be a scaffold erected at either the front of the rear of the property, where we will gain access via a hole made in the roof at the beginning. This is used until we either have a dormer window build or Velux roof Windows fitted in the roof line. We then make the hole good and use this window as point of entry. Once the loft conversion is plaster boarded and ready to be plastered throughout, we then use a method proven to reduce mess, to take out the main knock through to the house, we call this the ‘stairwell’.

We use a plastic sheet fixed to the underside of the ‘stairwell’ and cut the ceiling out from the loft and completely clean it out from above, meaning when we take the plastic sheet back down there isn’t one bit of dust or mess to your home. From there the stairs are fitted and during the last week we would be using the new stairs for access, to finish off.

The easiest way is to have a discussion with an expert in lofts! We can arrange for Daryll to come out and see you in the comfort of your own home. Totally free and with no obligation, you can discuss your requirements and get some solid advice from someone with years of experience. Arrange your free appointment now.